Sunday, 29 December 2013

Neurotic, or what?

"Thank you for looking at my portfolio, however I am no longer modelling. 

I have removed all my photos from my portfolio as I find it unsettling that a certain individual keeps looking at it on a regular basis..... So if you read this, please stop
No images found"

I have just come upon a model's profile containing the above paragraphs.


Why does she not remove her profile in full?

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sun. 28th December 2013

Well, I was supposed to have a shoot today.

I checked my lighting & put that in the car last night.  And, I'd cleaned & checked my cameras & lenses this morning.  I had also washed a few items of clothing essential to the shoot.

Sadly, the model called me 90 minutes before I was due to arrive & I've had no real option but to cancel.  Why?  Well the model was using another model's apartment for our shoot.  The other model was also booked elsewhere hence the reason we could use her place.  I was unaware that we'd be alone in the apartment...  Apparently, the other model's cat was run over & she has cancelled her shoot because she is clearly distraught.  Who wouldn't be?  But given the choice by my model to work there whilst the owner is moping about, or to cancel until next year...  Well, we might work with each other next year.

I just hope she hasn't cancelled because she has a better paying job, or she has been offered a not to be missed TF opportunity with a dude who doesn't pay cash.

I'm just a little bit annoyed.  OK.  I'm fed up.  Two late cancellations in three months.  But at least this hasn't cost me any money this time.  Just my precious time.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Fri. 15th November 2013 (3)

I just thought of something.  It happened about four years ago, but I want to write it down before I forget for another four years...  ;)

I had a confirmed booking with the model.  I was to travel 50 miles to her for a half-day booking in her studio flat.  Well, it was the late evening of the night before & I sent an e-mail asking if she was still OK for tomorrow?  Anyway, I get a response where she says that's she's eaten something dodgy at her brother's & can we rebook another time.  I said it wasn't a problem, wished her well.  But I never got a date from her.

I checked her profile a few days later before sending her a message & she had feedback from another model & a photographer stating that they all had a really good TF session on the day my shoot had been scheduled for.

I contacted the model & she said that by the afternoon, she had felt better.  Yeah right!

Anyway, about eight months later I did eventually with the same model at her home location.  The place was small but sufficient for my needs.  The shoot itself was a bit rubbish.  For a semi-pro she needed directing.

And, for someone who said she was a makeup counter manager at a local department store (My lips are sealed...), I was surprised that someone so pale skinned would have such an orange face?  Having a tanned look when you're clothed may suit a lot of people.  But not when you're posing nude!  Have I ever told you about that model called Brightonorange?  No?  I will one day.  Promise!  (Liar, liar...).

So, if a model messes you about the first time, whatever you do, don't book her again.

There again, on just reading the above, I remember driving 100 miles/two hours to find an empty house.  It was supposed to be our third shoot.  The model later told me she'd gone shopping with her mum!  Oh, I was bloody fuming.  Five hours of my life just used up like that.  But, we had another four shoots after that.  The best model I had worked with at that time.  Sadly, I don't think she models much these days.  Well, she certainly doesn't login to MM,  PS possibly.

Fri. 15th November 2013 (2)

I thought I'd join Amanda Swan's ( members site on 27th October.  It was only £10 via PayPal.  Eight days later & I still didn't have a password etc.  Can you believe her site does not have a contact page?

So, I contacted Amanda via Model Mayhem on 4th  November.  She promised to look in to it for me.  I heard no more from her.

So, on 8th November I contacted '' which is the account where my monies were sent.  And, I've still had no reply from them.  :(  So, I've sent another message to 'Lisa...' today.

It may only be £10, but I was going to book a half-day shoot with her.  But not now.  You cannot treat clients, or future clients like this.

Fri. 15th November 2013

I contacted a model a few days ago about a possible shoot.  Her rates were on her profile, but so as to not appear presumptuous, I asked for her total fee in case her rates had increased of late.

£180 for a half-day (Four hours) booking.  :(  Her rates on her profile were stated as £120 for a half-day shoot for the same levels.

Ten years ago I would have bounced back with an arsey reply.  If I'm paying, I like to feel I'm getting my monies worth.  Whether that be £80 or £150.  So, I just deleted her reply.

Anyway, she contacted me a couple of days later enquiring as to whether I was still interested.  A minute of my time & my polite declination was sent.  Now, why didn't I do that in the first place?  I guess I was just being too lazy.  But I was annoyed...

She has just posted a cancellation, saying her rates & levels are on her profile.  I don't think so...

Just to let everyone know that I'm not vindictive.  I do hope she gets another booking.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday, 21st October 2013

Today, Ebay has decided that I had dropped the used phone that I had purchased on Ebay.

This is despite the fact that it took 9 days to get the unlocking code & so it had not left the house.  In fact, I had placed it immediately in the case that came with the item.

This phone had been sold as having the usual wear & tear.  Yet, when I received it, it had a large chunk taken out of it at the bottom of the phone casing.  One of my friends said that it was bothing to worry about.  It still looked liked it worked, right?

So, I've sent another message to Sukhbinder Singh (AKA Steve Singh) & I'm hoping he'll do the honest thing.

Oh, I left a negative feedback for him a minute ago & it was immediately removed.  They even sent me a message telling me so.  I think I know whose side they're on.  The side of someone not being honest & selling damaged phones.

BEWARE OF MR SUKHBINDER SINGH.  He's not very honest.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Friday, 11th October 2013

I stupidly lost my phone a few weeks back & I ordered a replacement off Ebay.  Previously owned for about one month & being sold by a bloke on behalf of it's lady owner.

Well, it took five days to arrive & seemed to work perfectly at home via wifi whilst I awaited my unlock code.

Well, I received the unlock code.  So, I power off my phone, insert my new sim card & within 30 minutes I'm locked out of my phone!  :(  The power is on & the screen is locked.  I've just PMed the guy (sukhbinder singh) through Ebay.

I think I've been scammed...  :(

Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday, 7th October 2013

I have a shoot planned for tomorrow.  Well, I did have.

Firstly, my contact had only been with the model through MM.  I have two hours booked on her studio day at 13:20.  What could be easier?

Well, the studio contact me & ask if I wish to extend another hour?  I'd already asked the model but I didn't really get anywhere then.  I'm just about to type a reply & there's another message from the studio explaining that she is ill.

Well, slap me with a kipper!

Who would have thought that in less than a month, a 22 year old model would no-show; a 20 year old model would prove a bad decision & a 19 year old model would go sick.  I normally shoot over 25s as they at least have some record of reliability.

The studio are trying to book the model again for next week.  Luckily, only three people, myself included, have had to reschedule.  Finger crossed something happens next week,

I was sent the wrong pair of over the knee socks.  I wished to contact the seller & see if I could keep these, but order another pair at a small discount.  Unfortunately, it seems I've opened a complaint case on Ebay.  What the fluff is going on?  Anyway, I'll sort that out tomorrow as I no longer have a shoot to attend to.

Saturday, 5th October 2013

I had a shoot booked with a model last Saturday.  Her original reply to my query about placing a booking with her included the line:

"...I work to fine art nude, which is acceptable at open leg as soon as it isn't seen in an adult way".

So, as she was also posting for erotic nude work, I thought that a shoot up to erotic nude but with nothing overtly adult was going to happen.

Anyway, on the morning of the shoot (Arrival at 12:30; shoot from 13:00-15:00) I texted her asking if she was still on for our booking?  She responded to my text with a "Yeah though can you make it two starting sorry xx", to which I happily accepted.

I was already a mile down the road \(It was a 100 miles round trip) & told the model I was on my way.  She mentioned only then that her bedroom was no longer available but that we could still shoot downstairs.  She mentioned she was a student & the place was a bit untidy.  I asked what the carpet was like & she said "Not good..."  So, I told her I'd drive home, pick up some rolled carpet I have for emergencies like this & I'd be a little later than planned.  She agreed.

Well, I arrived just after 14:10.  No help forthcoming in bringing my gear in, but it's no hardship.  But usually something is amiss if no assistance is offered.  How right I was!  LOL.

The porch & hallway were strewn with unopened post, lager bottles, crushed lager cans & cigarette butts etc.  This was totally unideal.  I was invited into a back room on the ground floor & told I could setup there.  She was going to do her makeup.  Well, in the end I was left unaccompanied for almost 30 minutes during which time I had to shift detritus such as fag ends, shoes, wellies, dirty clothes & a 15" rubber dildo that was 2" thick!  I've never seen anything that big in my entire existence.  I have obviously lead a very sheltered life, not that I had ever known that.  Until now...  The walls were covered in scuff marks. - I did ask her for a damp cloth on a couple of occasions, but that didn't happen either.

The model comes back into the room & mentions that she has a red wristband that she cannot remove as she's going to a club later.  She blames a friend for putting it on to tight.  We eventually manage to cover this with a wide silver bracelet

We started shooting at 15:00.  Well, after the make-up test showed she wasn't wearing any lipstick!

Without prompting, she mentioned that she used to do adult levels, up to US Mag apparently, but hasn't done so for the past 18 months.  It doesn't explain the dildo which she knew that I knew.  But as a gentleman, it remained unmentioned during the shoot.  Hell, I even picked it up with a tissue when I found it & I hid it under a black sheet that was on the floor.

Did I know Femjoy?  Yes, I did.  Well, she didn't do that.  So, I stated loudly that clearly erotic nude work was out of the question today.  She said it was.  She had trouble with her back apparently, and so that ruled out the whole idea of the shoot - I like my models to pose with their feet apart & to use their hips for accentuation & form.  I was going to get none of it.  Also, she remained very demure during the shoot.  She had stated that she hardly smiled when she was shooting.  No problem.  Accept she let slip that she had been out the night before.  And, she looked so bloody miserable...

The model mentioned that on many occasions, a previous photographer had been able to get what he wanted in a couple of hours.  She related to me that one time she was booked for five hours but managed to achieve what the photographer wanted in two.  She works quickly, you see.  ;)  I knew she was hinting that she wanted full payment [Booked for four hours] but only wanting to work for two hours.  Cheeky!  I explained that if I book a model for four hours, then I shoot for four hours.  I translated it that previous photographers had realised, like me, that working with her was a very bad idea, but I'd rather the model fake out on me first.  Well, she does flake out!  She kept stopping the shoot to check her phone & I had to wait on twice whilst she spent a couple of minutes texting back  Hell, she has to be somewhere else earlier than planned.  Well, that suits me fine.  I offer £70 for the two hours we've shot & she accepts.

On this occasion I would have been happy if the model had cancelled the shoot with short notice.  Once I hopefully get my shoot for next week sorted out, I'll be strictly applying that if a model cancels at short notice, that I will not be working with her again.  However much I still want to.  There are plenty of new models or indeed, previous models that I have worked with, who would be happy for some modelling income.

I had an Angry Whopper (No tomato, extra jalapenos)  at the Winchester Services (M3) and that was me satisfied.  Forty-five minutes home & then I could go down the bloody pub...  :)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday 29th September 2013

Confirmed booking:  I have a home shoot next Saturday & I've PM'd the model via MM to attain her home address.  Hopefully, she'll read & send her address.  Please, reply soon...

Late cancellation/no show:  I've also been sharing rants with another photographer.  He worked with a certain model successfully for a second time.  My planned first shoot with this 'Retiring' model was in a pre-paid hotel room three days later on Friday 13th!!!!   Yeah, I know...  Anyway, she phoned & cancelled after I had just booked in!  LOL.  More to this story soon...

Clothing:  I also checked my mail box today.  I was too lazy yesterday.  Anyway, I now have two bolero shrug tops that I purchased from Ebay.  Purchased & paid Thursday evening & received on Saturday morning.  One is black & the other is pink.  I regularly use a white one with models & Joel Hicks ripped my last black shrug whilst posing with Katy Pectin.  All on purpose, of course!  ;)  They were great together.  But I digress...

Studio lighting:  I'm currently using a Lencarta 300w light with a very old Portaflash (Remember those?) series 5 light (320).  I had this light for about 11-12 years & I'm still on the original flash tube.  Once it blows I'll stick it out for our local WEEE collection & buy another one.  I'm seriously considering dumping my studio lighting in favour of  hot shoe flash.  I only use them in hotels & models' homes.  That's something for me to sort out soon.