Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday, 7th October 2013

I have a shoot planned for tomorrow.  Well, I did have.

Firstly, my contact had only been with the model through MM.  I have two hours booked on her studio day at 13:20.  What could be easier?

Well, the studio contact me & ask if I wish to extend another hour?  I'd already asked the model but I didn't really get anywhere then.  I'm just about to type a reply & there's another message from the studio explaining that she is ill.

Well, slap me with a kipper!

Who would have thought that in less than a month, a 22 year old model would no-show; a 20 year old model would prove a bad decision & a 19 year old model would go sick.  I normally shoot over 25s as they at least have some record of reliability.

The studio are trying to book the model again for next week.  Luckily, only three people, myself included, have had to reschedule.  Finger crossed something happens next week,

I was sent the wrong pair of over the knee socks.  I wished to contact the seller & see if I could keep these, but order another pair at a small discount.  Unfortunately, it seems I've opened a complaint case on Ebay.  What the fluff is going on?  Anyway, I'll sort that out tomorrow as I no longer have a shoot to attend to.

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