Friday, 15 November 2013

Fri. 15th November 2013 (3)

I just thought of something.  It happened about four years ago, but I want to write it down before I forget for another four years...  ;)

I had a confirmed booking with the model.  I was to travel 50 miles to her for a half-day booking in her studio flat.  Well, it was the late evening of the night before & I sent an e-mail asking if she was still OK for tomorrow?  Anyway, I get a response where she says that's she's eaten something dodgy at her brother's & can we rebook another time.  I said it wasn't a problem, wished her well.  But I never got a date from her.

I checked her profile a few days later before sending her a message & she had feedback from another model & a photographer stating that they all had a really good TF session on the day my shoot had been scheduled for.

I contacted the model & she said that by the afternoon, she had felt better.  Yeah right!

Anyway, about eight months later I did eventually with the same model at her home location.  The place was small but sufficient for my needs.  The shoot itself was a bit rubbish.  For a semi-pro she needed directing.

And, for someone who said she was a makeup counter manager at a local department store (My lips are sealed...), I was surprised that someone so pale skinned would have such an orange face?  Having a tanned look when you're clothed may suit a lot of people.  But not when you're posing nude!  Have I ever told you about that model called Brightonorange?  No?  I will one day.  Promise!  (Liar, liar...).

So, if a model messes you about the first time, whatever you do, don't book her again.

There again, on just reading the above, I remember driving 100 miles/two hours to find an empty house.  It was supposed to be our third shoot.  The model later told me she'd gone shopping with her mum!  Oh, I was bloody fuming.  Five hours of my life just used up like that.  But, we had another four shoots after that.  The best model I had worked with at that time.  Sadly, I don't think she models much these days.  Well, she certainly doesn't login to MM,  PS possibly.

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