Sunday, 29 December 2013

Neurotic, or what?

"Thank you for looking at my portfolio, however I am no longer modelling. 

I have removed all my photos from my portfolio as I find it unsettling that a certain individual keeps looking at it on a regular basis..... So if you read this, please stop
No images found"

I have just come upon a model's profile containing the above paragraphs.


Why does she not remove her profile in full?

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sun. 28th December 2013

Well, I was supposed to have a shoot today.

I checked my lighting & put that in the car last night.  And, I'd cleaned & checked my cameras & lenses this morning.  I had also washed a few items of clothing essential to the shoot.

Sadly, the model called me 90 minutes before I was due to arrive & I've had no real option but to cancel.  Why?  Well the model was using another model's apartment for our shoot.  The other model was also booked elsewhere hence the reason we could use her place.  I was unaware that we'd be alone in the apartment...  Apparently, the other model's cat was run over & she has cancelled her shoot because she is clearly distraught.  Who wouldn't be?  But given the choice by my model to work there whilst the owner is moping about, or to cancel until next year...  Well, we might work with each other next year.

I just hope she hasn't cancelled because she has a better paying job, or she has been offered a not to be missed TF opportunity with a dude who doesn't pay cash.

I'm just a little bit annoyed.  OK.  I'm fed up.  Two late cancellations in three months.  But at least this hasn't cost me any money this time.  Just my precious time.