Friday, 15 November 2013

Fri. 15th November 2013 (2)

I thought I'd join Amanda Swan's ( members site on 27th October.  It was only £10 via PayPal.  Eight days later & I still didn't have a password etc.  Can you believe her site does not have a contact page?

So, I contacted Amanda via Model Mayhem on 4th  November.  She promised to look in to it for me.  I heard no more from her.

So, on 8th November I contacted '' which is the account where my monies were sent.  And, I've still had no reply from them.  :(  So, I've sent another message to 'Lisa...' today.

It may only be £10, but I was going to book a half-day shoot with her.  But not now.  You cannot treat clients, or future clients like this.

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