Friday, 15 November 2013

Fri. 15th November 2013

I contacted a model a few days ago about a possible shoot.  Her rates were on her profile, but so as to not appear presumptuous, I asked for her total fee in case her rates had increased of late.

£180 for a half-day (Four hours) booking.  :(  Her rates on her profile were stated as £120 for a half-day shoot for the same levels.

Ten years ago I would have bounced back with an arsey reply.  If I'm paying, I like to feel I'm getting my monies worth.  Whether that be £80 or £150.  So, I just deleted her reply.

Anyway, she contacted me a couple of days later enquiring as to whether I was still interested.  A minute of my time & my polite declination was sent.  Now, why didn't I do that in the first place?  I guess I was just being too lazy.  But I was annoyed...

She has just posted a cancellation, saying her rates & levels are on her profile.  I don't think so...

Just to let everyone know that I'm not vindictive.  I do hope she gets another booking.

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