Sunday, 9 March 2014

What the hell just happened..?

I contacted a model via MM with regard to a studio day that she has advertised on PP.

I quote myself:
"I shoot a particular style as per my profile.  I do not shoot models with their thighs clamped shut.  Instead, I ask the model to keep their feet apart, use their hips & work harder!  LOL.  I'm not looking for explicit material."

She replied :
 " If your on pp could you please message me from there as its easier to keep people together pluss the photographers I message on mm is normally comercial work so, it will be confusing.  And I would like to see you pp acount for references etc.
Yes there is one slot available the info should be on one of my castings.  But send me a message through pp. And we can go through there.

Also with out sounding rude, as its obvious through my portfolio that I do poses freely I dont think theres a need to demand the type of poseing you have asked for. Especially as my portfolio shows the style you look for. Your portfolio actually shows many girls with there thighs clamped closed so it sounds like your begining some Dom relationship.

I've replied wishing her well with filling the slot:
" Yes, I have two images in a folder entitled 'Not really my thing but it works'.  I try to make thing self-explanatory so I'll say no more on those two images."

I was not demanding a specific style.  A question, when asked, should be assumed as a request.  A REQUEST.

So, I'm guessing that I've had a lucky escape with this one.  A model who would get confused using MM!?!  And one, whom I assume would just pose her way, or the highway!  LOL.  Or not to book her at all.  I know!  I'll book someone else who is not UOA!

There are plenty of models who actually read the mail & can actually collaborate with the photographer, within their comfort zones, of course.  Those are the models I want to work with.

BTW, does anyone know what she means by a dom relationship?

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