Sunday, 9 March 2014

I was reading this locked thread on Purestorm:

I have had contact with the model involved & she's not a really nice person when contacting her via e-mail.  I had enquired about full-frontal nudes & she sent a very condescending reply stating that she did pose to art nude, but with nothing on show.  Her personality came over as quite neurotic.

For everyone out there, a nude model with no lady garden on show is posing to classical nude level.  Or, implied nude if you're a thicky!  :)

Going back to the above thread, you can wonder why she may be checking the images on the back of the camera on a regular basis.  An edgy shoot, as stated by the OP, with a classical nude model would make me do so too.

Wishing to be paid twice with both images & cash.  Well, there are plenty of guys out there doing just that.  IMHO, they shouldn't be doing that.  It means that the model, just as in this case, expects it as part of a shoot.  I looked at AW for models & one particular model stood out.  You could just shoot her for an hour with no touching, but she stated that she also required all images so that she could put them on her website.  WTF!  At least she was honest.  And you would be paying escort rates (£80+/hour).

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