Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Models who are also photographers...

Yes, there are models out there who are also on the other side of the camera.  And, most of them are better than me.  I will not dispute that.  My ADD just makes concentrating on post-shoot work very tiresome.

But, I sometimes think these models fail miserably when it comes to communication.  Here is why:

I had a shoot with a model aged 21 last June (2013).  On her profile it states that she is a photographer also.  Well, it was mentioned on her profile that her hair was pink with blonde highlights & her chosen hair colour on her profile options was 'Other'.  Our shoot had been booked approx. six weeks in advance.  We're exchanging PMs on MM every few weeks checking that we're still both on for the shoot.  Anyway, when I arrive she has black hair!  No mention of it in PMs, or on her profile.  Nothing.  She confirmed that it was a DIY job as you could clearly see her previous highlights under the dye.  Her reasoning was that she kept her profile notes as 'Other' as she changes her hair colour every few months.  It wasn't a great shoot & I should have never stayed.  Also, she did the 'Professional ' model excuse of "My ID is at home.  We can get it if you want.  I only live ten minutes away...

She mentioned during the shoot that she had booked Joel Hicks but had sent him packing on arrival as she claimed that he hadn't told her that he did not pose full-frontal.  I have worked with Joel & he is a fantastic model.  Perhaps, a bit too 'Burnt' for me as I prefer my models to have only a very light tan.  Whether or not she was 'Bigging' herself up with that story, I just could not help but not believe it.  The level of nudity should/must be one of the first topics discussed when arranging a shoot.

The second model (19) didn't even turn up for our first studio shoot.  She called the studio & they e-mailed me.  We rescheduled for a three weeks later.  In her profile she is fully shaved.  When she arrives, she has a full, but trimmed bush!  Not what I was expecting.  The erotic nude side of the shoot was kind of lame - she only seems to do it when she gets the images to put up on her modelling profiles on TF deals.  Not for paid work.  :(

The third model (26) was telling me when I was setting up that she had a planned TF shoot with another model as a photographer.  And, another one there...  Anyway, it was an adult shoot & I had enquired as to whether she was fully shaved front & back when I booked her.  She said she was.  Well, the front was shaved but the hairy bum was right there.  Eww!!!  Perhaps I should have brought along some hair removal cream?

I did work with Madame Bink a few years ago, and I believe that she is a photographer, too?  She was cool with the shoot ideas & worked quickly, but just seemed to disappear for ages when changing because she needed to have a rollie every 30 minutes.  ;)

So, if the model's profile mentions anything about them being a model/photographer on their profile.  Well, I'm just going to avoid them like the plague.  They may wish to appeal to photographers as being in the unique position of being able to understand both sides of the camera.  But I feel my examples prove the opposite.  They just take the booking, and payment, from the photographer & you get what they give.  Plain and simple.  You're STUFFED!

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